Entrepreneurship 2.0

You are at HatchedBy.us, the innovators in the field of entrepreneurship and small business building throughout the United States. This is the home of big ideas from small groups of people, the 5% of the world who dares to dream big and end up being the true pioneers of generations to come.

Working for yourself has long been a part of the American dream, and this site intends to help make this dream a reality for those dreamers who had previously only relegated these lofty goals to the world of desire and fantasy. It’s time to stop living in the clouds, and bring a grounded and sensible plan of action to the topic, as people soon find that these ambitions are quite realistic once a pragmatic and practical step by step plan is drawn up and implemented.

Of course this blog, as with all other small business ventures, does not survive without some external help from others. With this first post, we would like to take a minute to acknowledge those who make these things possible, such as Pittsburgh Limo Services, our friends and fellow small business owners in the state of PA. It bring us great pleasure to help others succeed, especially those ‘little guys’ who are trying to make their way in the world and navigate an ever more competitive and cut throat business environment.

Creativity is at the forefront of all innovation in business, and it is a necessary quality to possess for anyone who is planning on embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. Whether creativity is a learned skill or an innate ability has been cause for much debate, and us here at Hatched all agree that it is actually somewhere in between these two polar extremes. To the extent that it is a skill which can be learned, developed and perfected, we would like to be an educator in whatever capacity we can be to try and instill this trait in the budding dreamers of tomorrow.

The times of working a job for an ancient and crumbling dinosaur of a corporation, are nearing to an end. As automation and technology advances, it will become increasingly necessary for the average person to innovate and create their own employment, rather than being given a place in a corporate hierarchy as was expected in the past. This can be a scary time for many people, but it should also bring an air of excitement as well. As we are forced outside of our comfort zones and must decided to evolve or be left behind, the vast majority of us will find that we are in fact able to dig deep and find a spark of creativity in ourselves which we maybe did not previously realize was there.

So that’s what we’re about over here. Sometimes we can be overly blunt, or willing to give readers a push into uncomfortable territories. But in the end we know that it is for their own good, as these realities will have to be faced sometime or another.