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Unique technology companies submit to pitch at the hatchery

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Are You Serious Pitch

Sept 25, 6pm
Tech companies submit to pitch at a Hatchery event.

This group is great because it brings together startups in the early stages and the meetings allow worthwhile discussions.

This process can save you a lot of time. You will know how airtight your case has to be and better prepare for questions.

There seems to be more emphasis on helping entrepreneurs.

Great place to learn, prepare and even debate your business idea and see if it is viable for funding.

Gain insights into good practice when presenting business ideas to potential investors.

The place if you find out what it takes to starting new ventures and pitching new business to others.

The Hatchery is a venture collaboration forum, building a community of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and investors, via its events, advisory services, and incubator.

Celebrating the diversity that is New York, we invite everyone to participate in what The Hatchery does and what we can accomplish together.

We bridge investor and entrepreneur communities, so they can talk to each other instead of at each other. They share ideas and forge lasting relationships.

The international outreach of The Hatchery comes as a result of its close ties with foreign governments.

Venture Acceleration underscores Hatchery Professional Services encompassing Pitching, Financial Analysis, Strategic Development, Incubation and Landing Services.


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